I have always been a seeker.

Even as a young girl I questioned everything, which drove my mom mad!

Now I didn’t intend to drive mom mad but as you know when you are compelled by something, even if you don’t know what it is then you must go forward.

So I did.

I have read, studied books, studied with teachers, leaders and the great unknown and quiet wise ones to this point and beyond. I’m not done learning and this is the approach I take with every client.

We are always learning even when we pass into Spirit we have lessons to learn and more to develop and garner for our eternal Soul.

How exciting is that?

Each reading I do, every portrait I co-create and every single artwork that I have the honor to bring to fruition is infused with the Love of All That Is.

I hope that the Artwork, the Readings, the writings, the recordings, the videos, the courses and boundless opportunities that this website bring to you meet your every desire for an expanded life. All the best and brightest to you, Z Denise