What is a Spirit Portrait?

Spirit Portraits serve as a profound bridge, forging a visual connection between you and the realm of Spirit. Each portrait is meticulously crafted to be uniquely yours, capturing the essence of your divine connection. Alongside the portrait, you will receive a message that accompanies it, enriching the experience. This message is skillfully woven through visage, symbols, and signs, strengthening the bond between you and your angel, master, guide, elemental, nature spirit, or even galactic light beings – whoever graces the canvas!

How is a Spirit Portrait created?

Creating a Spirit Portrait is a unique and intuitive process that combines artistic skill with spiritual guidance. Here's an overview of the process:

Medium and Size: You have the option to choose between charcoal or pastel (full color) on approximately 9" x 12" pastel paper for your Spirit Portrait.

Personal Information: To begin the creation of your Spirit Portrait, Zelma Denise requires your full name and birthdate. This information helps establish a channel connection and allows for a more personalized experience for you.

Following Spirit's Guidance: While you have the opportunity to express your preferences and even request a specific Light Being to be depicted, Zelma Denise works closely with Spirit during the creation process. This means that the final result may not always align with your initial request, but rather reflects what Spirit deems you need at that particular moment.

Surprising Results: The beauty of Spirit Portraits lies in their ability to surprise and exceed expectations. Through the intuitive process, Zelma Denise channels the energy and essence of your guides, angels, masters, elementals, or other spiritual beings. The resulting artwork often holds profound symbolism and messages that resonate deeply with your spiritual journey.

Each Spirit Portrait is a unique and deeply personal creation, guided by the wisdom and insights of Spirit. Embrace the element of surprise and trust that the final result will be a meaningful and transformative representation of your spiritual connection.

How can I use my Spirit Portrait?

Your Spirit Portrait serves as a powerful tool for meditation, contemplation, and fostering a deeper connection with your spiritual guides. Whether it's an angel, Archangel, Ascended Master, nature spirit, elemental, or any divine presence, your Spirit Portrait acts as a bridge to Source. By engaging with your portrait during meditation or quiet reflection, you can access profound insights and guidance from the spiritual realm.

Additionally, displaying your Spirit Portrait in your home can bring forth a beautiful blessing. Its presence creates an energetic focal point, infusing your space with divine energy and harmonious vibrations. Each Spirit Portrait is a unique creation, and the experience of connecting with it is always filled with delightful surprises.

How do I make arrangements for a Spirit Portrait?

Easy! You are not present for the sketch!
  • Making arrangements for a Spirit Portrait is easy and convenient process. Here's how:

    Select the medium: Choose between charcoal or pastel for your 9" x 12" sketch.

    Complete the appointment/payment form: Fill out the form with your birth date, full name, and any relevant questions or comments related to your request.

    Sketch completion and delivery: Once the sketch is finished, Zelma Denise will notify you via email. The sketch will then be securely mailed to you, with domestic shipping included. For international shipping, an additional charge may apply. If you are local to Girdwood Alaska or Crested Butte Colorado, you can also arrange for a pickup.

    Artwork Reading Session: Upon receiving your Spirit Portrait in the mail, you can schedule an Artwork Reading Session. This session is included in the fee for the original artwork and provides an opportunity to delve deeper into the messages and symbolism within the artwork.

    To begin the process, simply follow these steps and look forward to receiving your unique and meaningful Spirit Portrait.

Does Zelma Denise do more refined work?

Absolutely! While the stated sketch price covers a 9" x 12" charcoal or pastel sketch on art paper, I also offer the opportunity for more refined and personalized commissions. If you desire a larger artwork, more detailed pastels, or even acrylic paintings on canvas, board or special papers, I am delighted to bring your vision to life.

For these custom commissions, pricing will vary based on the size, complexity, and materials involved. To discuss your specific requirements and receive a personalized quote, please reach out to me directly through the contact form or email provided on the website. I am dedicated to creating unique and exquisite artworks that align with your vision and preferences.

Whether you envision a larger masterpiece or a more intricate pastel creation, I am excited to collaborate with you and bring your artistic dreams to fruition. Let's embark on a creative journey together!
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Private Sessions

General Private Session FAQs

Which Private Session should I choose?

Private Sessions can be multi-faceted. Zelma Denise is happy to tailor your session to fit your needs and desires utilizing all of her tools. If you are unsure which type of session you need, just choose one and be sure to fill out the intake form completely, explaining your concern. There are a lot of ways to achieve harmony and balance in life. Just go with what sounds appealing or most like your approach to life. Zelma Denise has many methods at her disposal and uses her intuition and guidance to determine the best intention for each recipient.

Do I have to choose what tools or method is used for my session?

No! Zelma Denise determines what is best for you from your answers to the questions on the intake form on the payment page. Some methods are recommended to have repeat sessions. These include shamanic, energetic and facilitated healing sessions which is determined after the initial session with Zelma Denise.

How are Private sessions conducted?

All readings are conducted either in Person or on Zoom. Zoom is a free application downloaded from the internet and easy to use. You can use a computer, tablet or smartphone for the session. Once you schedule a session you will receive an email confirmation as well as a reminder 24 hours before the meeting with the Zoom link. In Person sessions are all conducted at Zelma Denise's home (address given on the email confirmation and reminders. Please note that all sessions are for one person only. There is rarely a reason for another person to be present and the energy is more focused with one person.
Zelma Denise | Artistic Medium

Shamanic Session FAQs

What is a Shamanic practice or ceremony?

A ceremony, practice or ritual session reconnects you to the natural world and Divine Self in a therapeutic revitalizing way. Zelma Denise invokes the Living Energy that the old ones teach and the Star Nations have brought to Earth for our benefit. It is old revered medicine.

What can a Shamanic practice or ceremony do for me?

The work is based on a heart-centered caring relationship in which you and Zelma Denise come together energetically to facilitate your health and healing. The goal is to restore harmony and balance to the energy system, placing you in a position to self-heal. Most people say they feel clear and revitalized afterward. These sessions are not replacing medical treatments, therapy or medications. These sessions are not constructed as practicing medicine, healing or curing conditions. They are complementary modalities that in no way substitute for appropriate medical intervention, body therapy, or psychotherapy.

What does a Shamanic Session involve?

Shamanic work is ceremony and/or a teaching session that reconnects you to the natural world and your divine self using rattles, feathers, stones and drums in a therapeutic revitalizing way. These sessions can include Illuminations (Chakra balancing), Extractions of unwanted energies, Soul Part Retrieval, Offering ceremonies, Shadow Work, exploring Family issues and much more.

What is the Illumination (chakra cleansing balancing) session?

In an Illumination session each chakra is cleansed and balanced to it highest and best good. The process helps to release difficult conditioned issues and can help to clear toxic stuck emotions. It leaves one feeling revitalized and in harmony; usually one feels ready to take on problems from a centered place. this service can be requested specifically but often Zelma Denise will combine Illumination with other energetics. It is recommended that three consecutive sessions are best use of this service but single sessions can be beneficial.

Facilitated Healing FAQs

Why is Illumination called therapeutic and what is Facilitated Healing?

Specific issues are discussed and addressed which may include but not limited to feelings of disharmony, general miasma or specific wellness matters (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual matters). Zelma Denise is not a psychotherapist but she can listen to concerns just as any good friend would and she does not claim to take the place of a psychotherapist or any other medical doctor. Facilitated Healing is the concept that each One of us Allows healing to occur. Energetics used in Private Sessions are resonances created with intention. Many people have reported feeling the energetics but not all do, but that does not mean the energies are not working.

What is Energy Healing?

Energetics and Energy Healing is known by many different names. Zelma Denise has studied with many different teachers, mentors and guides to discover how to help others allow their healing on many levels and has found many similar techniques over many different names and modalities. Working from the idea that we are multi-dimensional beings and that energy, vibration and frequency is everywhere and of everything Zelma Denise utilizes resonance and intention to facilitate healing and any desire you have. This environment that we live in supports wholeness when we are aligned. The overall goal is wholeness. Distance, physical distance is not a limitation.

Psychic Mediumship Session FAQs

Who benefits from a Psychic Mediumship session?

Anyone wishing to connect to their Spirit Guide(s) Angels or Ascended Light Beings OR anyone wishing to connect or get a message from a loved one that has passed into Spirit. These sessions are also a great way to get guidance in a visual way through Tarot or Oracle reading.

How is this done?

Zelma Denise blends with Spirit to bring evidential descriptions and messages from beyond the veil. She is the conduit providing proof that there is no death and that your loved ones are always with you. Communications that involve specific questions for your guides, ancestors, the Ascended Masters and angels are for your own personal truth however you perceived that. Healing comes from the deep knowing that Spirit brings to you.

Is there any other way to get a Psychic reading?

Yes! Zelma Denise also does email readings specifically for psychic sessions only (no mediumship). When you choose an email reading you provide your question at payment in the Notes section. Please read the information provided called, How to Pose Your Question. You will receive an email from Zelma Denise to verify or clarify your question. You then later receive an image of all cards as well as a lengthy descriptive reading. Please note that all email readings are scheduled for a specific time  ONLY to facilitate payment. Most email readings are done within 24 hours of payment. Please fill out the appointment form completely for the maximum benefit. One question only.

How does mediumship work?

Zelma Denise blends with Spirit to bring evidential descriptions and messages from beyond the veil. She is the conduit providing proof that there is no death and that your loved ones are always with you. Communications that involve specific questions for your guides, ancestors, the Ascended Masters and angels are for your own personal truth however you perceived that. Healing comes from the deep knowing that Spirit brings to you.

Meditation Groups FAQs

What is Group Meditation?

Zelma Denise facilitates many kinds of groups in meditation with many different intentions. Groups are small, usually not more than six in person but online Zoom groups are usually limited to 25. Zelma Denise leads beginners as well as advanced meditators through themed guided meditations and offers energetic healing at the same time. None of the groups offered are on a drop-in basis. If no groups are listed in the schedule then none are open now. You may add your name to the mailing list using the contact form to be notified of new offerings.

Do I have to know how to meditate to join in?

No. All are welcome in the beginner groups. Prerequisites are always noted in the group descriptions. The only regular requirements are respect for everyone present, an open mind and no expectations.