Words Of Support From Those Who Have Chosen

to Embrace the Mystery!

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Pure Compassion

Your breath smells like pure compassion. It’s funny because during the Shamanic Sessions with you…I think about it every time how lovely and peaceful it is…then one morning I was using the compassion (essential oil) spray from Amanda (Ellis) and there it was!!! I decided that your breath is pure compassion…If compassion has a smell. And then I pondered it further and I thought well…that’s extremely fitting because that’s how you’re able to deal with me so well, you’re completely made up of pure compassion and smell like it!

J.F. Alaska

Conscious Connection to my  ❤️

I have had the honor to attend to Zelma’s meditations, classes and I also took advantage of a shamanic session and more.  It is hard not to embrace the mystery when you have Zelma by your side.  All gatherings with her bring a life changing experience. Her very diverse experience, knowledge, heart warming personality and her very fine tuned intuition brings a smile to my heart and fills it with much joy and peace. She is indeed a gifted artist and medium sent here to spread joy.  After all my meetings with Zelma I feel my conscious connection to my heart gets stronger and stronger.  Thank you for all your offerings and for sharing your beautiful self with all of us.  I am looking forward to sharing more time and space with you soon.

In gratitude ~ Sandee – New Jersey USA

Give Thanks!

Still processing and likely will continue to process my experience with Zelma because it was just that ah-mazing. I feel like it helped me a great deal to go into my reading without intention thus I was rewarded with new/refreshed connections, guidance, wisdom and light. Thank you Zelma. You’re the bees knees. 💕💕💕

MoHagani Magnetek – Alaska USA

Extremely Happy

My reading with Zelma was my very first medium psychic reading ever. First, I am very grateful to her when it came to booking she was very accommodating to me and my 3 friends. Upon meeting her instantly I felt a warm connection, her space was absolutely lovely and very comfortable. I went in with really wanting a sense of direction on some current events in my life and I definitely left with answers and guidance. My other three friends were absolutely happy and satisfied with their readings. It was definitely the highlight of our ladies getaway weekend. When in Girdwood again I definitely will be booking again with Zelma.

Laura Watkins – Anchorage Alaska

Brought to Life!

I commissioned Zelma Denise to complete a set of spirit portraits representing my inner circle of guides (nine total). I could not be happier! Apart from the beautiful artwork that brought each of my guides “to life” for me, the hand-written messages that came with each one were so meaningful that I find myself referring back to them often. The follow-up readings were fun and enlightening, and the entire package for each guide (portrait, message and reading) were such a highlight that I couldn’t hardly wait for the next one!  I now have a complete set of my guides hanging in my home (and some at my office) and they remind me often of all that I aspire to embody during this lifetime. Whether you choose to do just one, two or all, you will not be disappointed. Zelma is truly gifted as both an artist and medium.

Erin S.  – Wasilla Alaska 

Spreading Love and Light

Thank you Zelma Denise, for sharing your knowledge about energy around our body and inside our hearts and soul. Although I have missed some of the live sessions during your meditation group, I have been able to listen to and observe your recordings each week. They have given me strength to continue work with joy in my heart. Your meditations have given me courage to continue my spiritual purpose of sharing love and light. Your Spirit Portrait of one of my guides has been immensely inspirational. This morning I’ve just felt a desire to let you know how much you have added to my life, and to thank you.
Spreading Love and Light. And so it is

❤️ Annie O. – La Manzanilla Mexico

Perfect Health

I joined Denise’s chakra meditation group as a beginner.  Through her guidance I came back to Self. I became aware. Present and attuned to my health,  and my wellness not only spiritually but physically like never before. When serious health issues arose I knew Denise’s presence in my life was no coincidence but cosmically Divine. Denise held me in a vision of perfect health while we together sought to create it.  We did several One on One guided meditations.  I was held in love and safety as we traveled space and time to know my ancestry, my spiritual guides, to work with my angels, and to work with energy’s far outside of myself. Denise infused my energy field with radiating light. Together we went inwardly at a cellular level to release useless stored energy, limited thought patterns, and cleansed karmic debt.
Today I stand in this vision of perfect health. Healed. Alive.  I’m amazed at what we co-created. Amazed at the gifts Denise pours into this world and unto me.  My gratitude can hardly be quantified. I know my spiritual self again and life is anew.

A.K. – Girdwood Alaska USA

Refreshed and Uplifted

I recently had 3 Energy Healing sessions with Denise and it was an incredible and healing experience. Denise works from a space of Love and Divinity and the healing channeled and received is with pure intentions and for the Highest good of the specific person.  I always feel refreshed and uplifted after a session or even a phone call. Very blessed to know this beautiful soul. Denise’s work on the planet is very profound and significant for the current time. A true beacon of Light! Love you xx.

M.B. Santoro – Hollywood California

Deep Healing

….The whole Shamanic Illumination session was a great affirmation that the deep healing work ….. has cleared up my heart space that used to be FULL of everybody else’s energy.Also it has been extremely valuable meditating with Denise and practicing staying in my own energy.Eternally grateful for your teachings Denise! Much love,

MP – Girdwood Alaska

Porthole of Light

The portrait of my spirit guide done by Z. Denise was an exceptional spiritual gift. It’s a fine piece of art that speaks to the soul. Denise managed to connect with my guide and portrayed her in a magnificent, colorful image along with a beautiful and accurate message. This is more than just a stunning piece of art – it’s a porthole of Light.

Bornman De Villiers – South Africa


Denise’s group mediumship session was amazing for each person present. She brought through many touching details from loved ones that have crossed over which she could not possibly have known. The message that she brought through for me, personally, resonated deeply with where I’m at on my path and was highly relevant to my life. Denise also conveyed a message from my father with some recommendations for changing some subconscious patterns that have since enhanced the quality of my life. Her compassion and rich, abundant wisdom only enhance the authentic readings she offers. I highly recommend both her mediumship and her psychic readings.

Sherri Gust – Anchorage Alaska

(Note from Zelma Denise: Group mediumship sessions are no longer available. Use the contact link to get more information about possibilities.)

Dramatic Improvement

(My daughter) wanted to be sure that I reported back that she “slept like a gem” after (the session) and every night since. Dramatic improvement in (her unwanted) behavior. Thank you Denise! Your shamanic clearings are LEGIT.

Anonymous Mom

Tapping into the Soul

I love my portrait and the personalized message from Athena so much.   She looks like my fathers side of the family and I am learning that many of them were very gifted.  I did not know that until recently.   How were you able to tap into that is amazing!!!!  I get a nudge to look at her when I am having a tough day and your divine message just rings in my ears of love, vulnerability, my purpose and that I am not alone.   My heart starts to soften and I feel more grounded.    What a unique and wonderful gift you have to tap into my soul, tell me what i need to hear AND have a lovely portrait to make her real for me.  Thank you again for the work on the portrait but also the many times you helped pull me back together.  Your balance, kindness and strength inspire me.  love

Kristen Marchus-Hemstad Austin Texas


You are delightful. I had the best experience with you. The drawing + message resonated with me more than any other ‘reading” I’ve ever had. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God Speed,

DeAnna Harrison  Gold Run California

Proof, evidence and clarification

…Denise’s [email] reading had an overwhelming feeling of peace and calmness, along with excitement. I was in good hands. Denise was very detailed when giving my reading and I could tell she had taken her time. She gave me her impressions of what she felt the cards were trying to tell me rather than just giving a response from a book. The reading…felt very personable and real. She started with a photo of the cards pulled, a brief explanation of how it works and [her interpretation according to  my question]. There were subjects in the reading that I have heard from other mediums, which is exciting because it brings proof and evidence that I can trust her reading. Lastly at the end of my reading Denise asked if I had any other questions and when I did she answered them right away and gave me even more clarification on things that were foggy to me [before the reading]. In my reading Denise gave me plenty to meditate on with myself, answered questions I had on certain matters and actually solidified in my mind that in the other situations that I had done the right thing.

C.R. – Anchorage Alaska

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