Your question is very important. It’s important because Spirit wants to help you but you have to ASK!

I always pose my questions by stating that I want the highest and best outcome and if appropriate I ask for the highest and best outcome for all concerned.

Some people know what they want to ask and others don’t. It’s all okay. I feel the people who have a lot of questions may have a tougher time posing a question because they have to whittle all their concerns down to simpler more concise thoughts.

If you don’t know what to ask because things in your life or in a particular situation seem so confusing and/or out of control, then just ask:

“For my highest and best good what do I need to know right now?”

But that is a Very broad question and the more specific the question the better the answer. So take some time to narrow your question to the most important factor you need to know right now.

Take Some Time

I recommend taking 10 minutes in a quiet space and quickly write out roughly the subjects you would like guidance on. Don’t ponder on this too much, be quick and from the heart.

If your subjects are emotional triggers or you have a lot of emotional energy attached to the answers you anticipate then walk away from the list for a little while. Maybe go walk the dog, pet the cat, watch something that will make you laugh; basically relax a bit.

When you return to your list you will be refreshed and any charged energy will be dissipated and make the formulation of a question or questions easier.

Next prioritize your list. Again be quick about it. Write 1, 2, 3 and so on down your list. If items are related then number them together. For example you may have two number 1’s on your list because they are about the same thing.

Then separately write out various questions around each subject. Start to play with it a bit. Questions worded different ways can harvest different answer directions.

So instead of the broad question given above you could formulate a question like the following:

“For my highest and best good what do I need to know about my ______?”

Fill in the blank with subjects from your list. Some examples may be -my love life, my work situation, my request for a promotion, my son/daughters problems, my life purpose…you get the idea.

You can of course be even more specific with your question but make sure that you are asking only ONE thing in your question. Don’t combine subjects or make a complex, run-on sentence to ask your question. That will only lead to a confusing answer.

Many people offer questions for readings that I then qualify to ensure a more concrete answer. I always communicate with the client about their questions. This is a conversation between you and Spirit and I’m the vehicle for the message, nothing more but I want the best answer to help you live your highest and best life as your highest and best Self. So does Spirit; so let’s be concise and absolutely clear.


We always get exactly what we need in our answers but it may not be exactly what you expect. Keeping an open heart and relinquishing any need for control over your answer is the best way for Spirit to make a deep connection with you AND the best way for you to move along your path.

If you feel a need to control the answer then why are you asking? Let go and receive the amazing guidance that awaits you. Approach your question and your reading with a sense of adventure and exploration.

To Get Guidance You Gotta Ask

You have to ask the question. I cannot ask it for you. Again, I can help you before we begin a reading but the you do need to know what you want to know. It is best to have at the very least a list of subjects that is prioritized when you prepare for a reading.

We will go over your question together and see what Spirit has to say!

Open Hearted Thanks for your interest in connecting with Spirit,

Z Denise