Absolutely NO art experience is necessary. The class atmosphere is one of peace, calm, introspection and exploration directed towards personal healing and not focused on artistic skills. This class focuses on attuning to personal needs and feelings through intuition and meditation which I will guide you through. All work produced is private and is for the student only. There is no prompted sharing and no critique.

All paper is provided but a small list of easily available supplies is required and you will be guided to the list after registration. Be sure to print out the list or bookmark the page and come to class ready to begin.

The goal is to have fun and create illuminated mandalas that will become your personal tools for meditation, reflection, discovery and personal development for your own healing. Discussion and instruction will focus on mandalas and materials use, Light, Love, Energy and the Body, Healing and Inspiration.

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Class maximum is twelve adults. Class minimum is three adults. No walk-ins.